Prayer Request

Whatever chapter of your life... whether struggling in school, starting a new family, or dealing with addiction, illness, or death... you're never alone at Ember Church! Let us know what your challenges are and we will pray for you. If you wish, your prayer request will also be posted below, so the whole Church (not just our staff) may together pray to God that He will ensure your well-being.

Please Pray!

Below are prayer requests that have been submitted by our congregants. Please pray for these people (and click the "hands" so they know that someone did)!


Dear Team I am continuing to battle with the landlady over a new roof here and have made no progress with the drainage issues from both sides neighbours. The landlady advised by email at the beginning of July 2021 a contract had been signed with a roofing company in July as a quote had been accepted. But this month the roofing firm arrived after hours, and said they were getting on the roof to do a quote for our landlady. So nothing at all has progressed. This also happened last year when the landlady had another roofing firm send someone here for a quote and did not tell me for months that the quote had not been accepted. By then we had lived thru another very wet winter. I am having to consider a lawyer to chase this landlady up and neighbours. Please pray that I have access to a lawyer who will be happy to stand by me and get the issues which have made me ill for 4 years. My ankles remain far too swollen, as do my feet. My blood pressure remains high. I am not sure if it is the stress of another lock down, the stress of my living circumstances and the poor progress this year, or coping with people living around me who live a very different lifestyle. Please pray for my health at the end of this winter, for my skin which is very itchy due to the heavy load of mold in the house, the very high stress levels, due to lock down, the state of this house, the problems with the neighbours and the chronic interference of the people getting thru my wifi. And the need to get a lawyer who will come on board and help me sort out the issues once and for all. Thank you very much for your prayer God bless Marie Grace